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It’s been a big dream of ours to mobilize our family and take the show on the road. When mangia was just a dream, I thought that perhaps while traveling I could incorporate recipes and food related inspirations into the blog. 3 months ago my husband left his 9-5 job to start his own design company. He aspired to have more work/life balance and flexibility with where and when he works. His business is going well and he has enough work to carry over for the next several months. With our 20 month old son not yet tied down to school and myself still out of the work place, we are ready to take this plunge.

We just purchased one way ticket to Lisbon, Portugal and the planning is underway! We have rented our apartment for the next two months, found a placement for our beloved cat and we are starting to plan for our upcoming adventures. For now, I’m brushing up on some Portuguese, leafing through guide books, trying to cook mostly from the pantry and freezer, and doing some major purging of unnecessary clutter around the house. It’s hard to fully believe that this idea, one that has been underway for years, is now about to become reality. I”m scared, thrilled, and feel incredibly fortunate.

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