Simple, homemade recipes.


Grilled Bread With Strawberries, Goat Cheese, And Leeks

Grilled polenta with gorgonzola

Goat cheese roll

Granada steamed clams

Smoked salmon carpaccio

5 minutes roasted red pepper tapenade

Peach crostini


Watermelon, feta, mint caprese salad

Warm spiced almonds

Fava bean and pecorino bruschetta

Grilled goat cheese stuffed figs wrapped in bacon

Gorgonzola crostini

Baked sweet potato wedges with avocado dip

Arugula, pear, and gorgonzola salad with balsamic honey vinaigrette

Cantaloupe caprese

Fried zucchini sticks

Prosciutto wrapped pears

Strawbery goat cheese crostini

Tuna conserva

10 minute tomato basil soup

Pasta fagioli

Rice croquette

Lentil soup

Asparagus soup

Caprese salad

Risotto fritatta