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About Mangia

Welcome to Mangia. I’m Barbara. A year ago my husband and I had a son named Oliver, and we decided that I would put my career as a psychologist on hold so I could take care of him. Spending the last year with Oliver has brought countless rewards, including the opportunity to cook for him as his palette expands and he discovers the joy of eating.

I learned to cook by watching my Italian mother and, after I moved to California, through countless phone conversations with her. I’ve experimented with and expanded on old family recipes she brought with her when my parents emigrated from Italy. And while I still call my mom regularly for ideas and inspiration, I’ve also adapted my own style inspired by living in California.

That’s where this blog comes in. I believe that food should be tasty and healthy. And, whenever possible, it should be easy to prepare. I’ve decided to catalogue our culinary experiences and share them with you.

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